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What will my repayments be?
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Transparent fees & affordable repayments

Our charges are simple

Everything you need to pay is listed right here on this page and in Line of Credit Loan Agreement. No hidden fees, no catches and no surprises. Many lenders charge large upfront Origination Fees and monthly flat fees. With Wallet Wizard you just pay interest on the unpaid balance. Our simple approach makes our loans easier and cheaper.

Here is what you can expect to pay when you take out a Wallet Wizard Line of Credit

Wallet Wizard Line of Credit Fees - $500 to $5000
Annual fee: $0
Service fee: $0
Credit Limit Increase fee: $0
Over Limit Fee: $0
Manual payment fee: $0
What will my repayment be?

Your repayment is based on the amount borrowed. Once you’re approved you will be able to review your offer and your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly repayment.

If the outstanding balance of your account is less than the minimum repayment amount, your minimum repayment will be the outstanding balance. Simple.

Use the calculator above to see the regular repayment for the Credit Limit options.

Non-Sufficient Funds Fees

In states where permitted, Wallet Wizard charges a fee when a payment made by check or electronic ACH debit is returned due to insufficient funds. These are commonly referred to as “Non-Sufficient Funds” or “NSF” fees. The amount of the NSF fee is $10 per payment returned.

What is your interest rate?

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 35.99%.

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